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High Performance Insulation Spray Foam provides the most modern and efficient spray foam installation and roofing services. Our professional installers will take care of your home or commercial property and make sure you are protected. We will not only protect you and your home, but also the environment at large. Installing spray foam in your home or commercial space is a great way to save money and be energy efficient.

What is Spray Foam installation?

Foam roofing has been around for over forty five years, and has grown and improved with time. This type of installation is dependable, long lasting and very affordable. Some foam roofs have lasted for decades at this point, so would it not be good for your home as well?

Spray foam is a combination of two chemicals called isocyanate and polyol. Once they are heated and moved to the spray gun, they are mixed and sprayed. Since it is a liquid when it is sprayed on the roof, it provides a single continuous structure without seams, which is very stable. When it dries it becomes a rigid plastic. Then a protective top coat is applied for a perfect finish. A protective barrier is created when the liquid dries.

All roofs also must be in compliance with any state building codes. We ensure that every installation we provide exceeds the expectations of the state’s building code.


Spray foam insulation and spray foam roofing Phoenix Arizona

What does Spray Foam do?

Spray foam can protect your building and has many great features. They are as follows:

  • Spray foam leaves a seamless, beautiful finish. Since it is applied as a liquid, it provides one smooth layer that covers the entire roof. This helps prevent leaky roofs.
  • It does not matter what shape your roof is, spray foam is flexible. Because it is a liquid, it can be sprayed onto any shaped surface.
  • This is a lightweight alternative to traditional roofing. Making it easier to apply, and difficult to damage.
  • Spray foam has strong insulation properties. As it is seamless, the spray provides better insulation than foam board roofs, which are chock full of seams where water can easily get through.
  • There is little upkeep for spray foam roofs. There is little waste and indefinite lifespan, which keeps costs down.
  • Because of its rigidity and ability to adhere to many different materials, it can provide extra strength to your roof or other areas.
  • The foam can be applied over most already existing roofs, meaning you may not have to tear down the existing roof. The spray will cover all the cracks and damage providing a sturdy barrier.

What are the benefits of Spray Foam?

Spray foam roofs and other insulation offer a variety of benefits. It is energy efficient, sustainable, and affordable. There are many advantages over traditional roofing methods. Find below some of the advantages:

  • It is non-toxic and, with proper ventilation, will be ready in twenty four to forty eight hours.
  • Because of the seamless application, it keeps the heating or cooling in your home, which can drastically cut your energy consumption, lowering your bills. It is actually forty percent more energy efficient than other products.
  • This insulation is a sound barrier to keep noise in or out.
  • It protects your family from harmful allergens and outdoor pollutants.
  • The spray foam is water resistant, which means there is no absorption which can lead to leaks. It is a flood resistant material to keep your home or building safe from water damage.
  • It prevents ponding water because it helps water drain properly.
  • It will help balance the temperature in every room of the building, giving you comfort.

Where can Spray Foam be used?

There are many places where spray foam can be utilized. We will work with you to create the right system to fit your needs. No matter where you need the insulation or roof coverage, we will be there to take care of you. Spray foam is so versatile it can be used for a variety of reasons in many locations. It is not limited to residential roofs.

We are experts in covering the following: 

  • Commercial, industrial and retail roofing, including warehouses, grow rooms, refrigerated food storage, parking garage ceilings, retail tenant improvements, steel buildings, student and multi-family housing
  • Schools and other educational institutions
  • Tanks and duct work
  • Residential remodels and new construction
  • Industrial and agricultural uses including, wine storage rooms, nurseries, refrigeration storage units, pole barns, and other farm structures.

Why have I not heard of this before?

Compared to traditional roofing, the few decades that spray foam has been around seem pretty short. It is still considered fairly new, but has grown in popularity over the years due to its eco-friendliness and being energy efficient. Currently, it is being used mostly on flat roofs due to its properties of heat reflection and insulation. In its fifty years or so of applied use, it has become recognized by the National Building Code and has been proven as an effective way to protect buildings.

These roofs are durable and will last for years. You can access them easily, and can walk all over them. They can sustain up to fifty pounds per square inch. It is non-toxic, a green product, and is sustainable. It is obvious why its popularity is growing.

It has been installed all over the world, including every area of the United States. No matter the weather of a location, it can be installed. Between forty and one hundred degrees is ideal. We pay attention to the weather when applying, so that it always comes out perfect.

Why choose us for your Home or commercial property?

We offer a wide variety of products that will suit your needs. Our clients vary from residential to commercial purposes. We use the highest quality products to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our work.

Our quality installation crew are certified and trained to install spray foam and roofing. We offer other services as well, if you check our services section. Please send us a message or contact one of our friendly customer service representatives for a free estimate.

Spray Foam Roofing Phoenix

Spray foam roofing is one of the best roofing products used for commercial buildings and business offices. Spray foam when applied correctly will last 10 years plus, and seals all the cracks and crevesis while providing an R Factor for energy savings insulation. High Performance Insulation and Roof Foam for your roof is the best choice for leaking roofs. Let one of our reps give you a free roof evalution and estimate to repair or replace your current roof coating.

Advantages of Spray foam Roofing and Insulation – In an age where construction costs should be kept at minimum while getting superior services, there is great need to ditch traditional roofing for spray foam roofs. In a nutshell, it is a hi-tech improvised roof that is dependable and affordable with the ability to last for generations.