Spray Foam Advantages

Spray Foam Advantage

Tidbits on Spray Foam Roof worth Knowing
In an age where construction costs should be kept at minimum while getting superior services, there is great need to ditch traditional roofing for spray foam roofs. In a nutshell, it is a hi-tech improvised roof that is dependable and affordable with the ability to last for generations.

It comes in two different types namely open cell and closed cell foam. As for both, they are rigid plastic materials that constitute two liquid components whose reaction takes place in seconds. Actually, one can step on the foam minutes after being sprayed without causing any structural damage. Moreover, this spray foam can still be applied to various vertical surfaces such parapet walls. Always let a professional take care of spray foam roofing services for you.

Before you make a decision to get spray foam roofs, you should first check the following benefits.
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Advantages of using Spray Foam Roof

Seamless roof
Since it is applied as a homogeneous liquid, it has the capacity to seal every leaky hole in the roof. This is due to its monolithic membrane that acts as a cover to the entire roof.

Flexible roofing material
After being sprayed, it has the capability to cover any roof surface independent of its shape or number of protrusions present.

Unlike traditional roofing materials that are considered heavy, foam roofs are about 50lbs per every square meter. This helps in the structural maintenance since it imposes a little dead weight for the house foundation.

Thermal insulation
Many commercial building today are being constructed with thermal insulation being one of the top issues to be achieved. With a spray foam roof in place, thermal insulation is ensured due to its insulation properties.

Cost saving
When it comes to repair and traditional roof replacement, tearing the entire roof off is mainly the only option. Such task includes shutting down the building from any use so that the replacement can be done with minimal interruptions. However, a foam roof can be sprayed neatly to cover nearly every roofing substrate making repair and replacement unnecessary.

Application of spray foam roofs

Residential application – Many homeowners opt for it when planning for a remodel or renovation. New homeowners however consider having it during construction of their new house.

Commercial application – In a bid to have business buildings that are effective and durable, most warehouses feature foam roofs. Other commercial use of spray foam includes the insulation of garage ceilings and steel buildings.

Informative tidbits worth knowing

Open cell foam

This type is 0.5 lbs. and sophisticated in design. It is mainly used due to its high insulation property while it acts as an air barrier increasing the cooling effect. Research has proven that it has wind proof qualities. To aid in wind proofing, it seals every cavity present in the ceiling. Open cell foam is mostly used in residential roofing due to its cost of installation.

Close cell foam

It is 2lb foam with humidity resistance. Actually, it can resist both vapor and moisture efficiently preventing it from their destructiveness. Moreover, it has tension properties that aid in strengthening the roof against shearing. This type is highly recommended for commercial roofing.

Before you have a spray foam roof put in place, you should first consider noting every potential thing that might damage it or cause its failure. Below are 7 of them worth knowing:

1. Destructive pecking of birds.
2. Shoddy job done during application of the spray foam.
3. Application of foam in temperatures that are nether optimal not specified by manufacturer.
4. Spraying a light coat that will peel off leading to a deteriorated look and functionality.
5. Using roof paint instead of prime coating to cover the foam layer resulting in over exposure to harsh environments.
6. Old roofs designed to drain poorly are not good for spray foam.
7. Wrong combination of constituting liquid components results in an imbalanced roof.

Whether intending to have it for your residential or commercial building, consider involving professional contractors. Reason for this is that for years, there have been claims that some foam roofs are superior to others while the material being used is actually the same. Upgrade to the trending roofing solutions in the construction industry only with professionals who know what they are doing.
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